1. Hello,

    Thanks for spreading the word! I really hope you like Aquarius.

    I really enjoy crafting WordPress themes, and using WordPress in general, that’s why I’ve decided to challenge myself to give something back to the community. For now, crafting one theme per month is like a breeze for me (although, I have a full-time job), but it should become more challenging when I’ll have few more themes in my portfolio :) Anyway, I’m commited to do this – 20 days until the next release!


  2. The theme itself looks really nice and I like when the focus is on the content. The only thing that turns me off is the hidden sidebar. Just a personal preference but I like when the sidebar is always visable.

    1. Same remarks from my site.
      But nice theme to be translated.
      Slider could be an add value.

    2. Thanks for the notes / opinions!

      The thing is that I really want to give a twist to every theme I create, and Aquarius just had to have this sidebar, haha :) But there are 11 more themes in the queue to be released this year, so you should be able to find the one you like.


  3. Hi Sarah
    Good looking theme with some nice touches.
    I particularly like the “Older posts” link complete with hover effect.

    1. I think bar should be a little thinner. Don’t you think so Keith?

      1. You can probably tweak the CSS to taste – give it a try with firebug or the Developer tools Abdul.

      2. Hey,

        Yup, you can make that posts navigation line thinner, by adding just a quick CSS tweak like this:

        #content-main .paging-navigation .pager-link a {padding: 10px 60px;}

        That first padding value will tweak vertical height of posts navigation bar. By default it’s set to 30px.


  4. It’s a nice traditional blogging theme. I think sidebar should be visible, but it is still nice as many people like full width/one column blog. Looking forward for next version.

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