1. The meaning of the word framework has really gone downhill in the WordPress community.
    Personally a Theme frameworkTheme
    Rather Theme Framework is the foundation of a theme.
    And why Child Themes? I’ve always thought of such stuff as skins.

    Anyway the new way looks better than the old way.

  2. @Andreas Nurbo

    Skins with a functions.php and template overriding that is. A skin with brain, hands and feets. ;)

    I`m very happy to see BP take the Framework/Child theme route.

  3. Schaeffer Somers

    I’m in the learning curve, but excited by the development. Seems like a conceptually simple structure, which appeals to the architect side of me.

  4. I must say that BuddyPress is growing up rather quickly – I beleive that it’s headed in the right direction though.

    IM a huge fan of BP & WPmu since dipping my toe in the water and it’s opened my mind up to some really huge possibilities – this is going to be big, thanks.

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