1. Live chat is cool and all but after having implemented it for a few clients, people just don’t realize the management time that it takes. Each client that I have added live chat function for have quite quickly also had me remove it because of the volume of inquiries.

  2. Thanks @wptavern for the tip on Zopim.

    I have just implemented the Zopim live chat wordpress plugin on ThemeJam.com. Interested to see how it impacts the readers and sales.

    I have also set it up to direct chats to my AIM account. Makes it really easy to manage chats.

    I also have the widget set to “hidden” when I’m signed off. I prefer to only display the widget when I’m actually available to chat with visitors.

    Overall, great features and really nice WP integration.

  3. Zopim was able to net me a cool deal for readers of WPTavern in case anyone wanted to dive deeper into the service.

    Discount Code #1 – wptavernrocks
    This entitles the first 25 readers who sign up a 50% discount off any purchase. This can be published on the blog.

    In a few days, I’ll pass out a discount code that will give you $30.00 off any purchase but I only have one of these available.

  4. Hey Jeffro,

    Just thought I’d let you know that a MAJOR overhaul is coming for the Woopra chat function. It’s due in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned. But lets just say that I think you are going to like it. ;-)

    John P.

  5. Hey Jeffro,

    Sorry about the scroll bar problem, we have gotten one of the engineers to look into it. We have a feedback forum (http://zopim.uservoice.com) so please feel free to raise any feature request there. Thanks for the review again!


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