1. I read somewhere a while ago that favicon support might be coming to WordPress core. If so I wonder if it would include support for animated favicons?

  2. @Ipstenu (Mika E) – That’s a great point. I think it does the little popups via AJAX and stores the info in a browser cookie but I haven’t tested it out with caching yet.

  3. @Sarah Gooding – It’s also something to look into with Varnish caches, which use cookies differently. :) I’ve learned waaaay more about this than I wanted to ;)

  4. @Ipstenu – Presumably the JS uses AJAX to work out when a new post has arrived, and when you are running Varnish, you need to make sure that admin_ajax.php isn’t cached for these types of purposes.

  5. Wow… That is a really neat concept. I can see all kinds of uses for this on ALL of my websites…

  6. @David Gwyer – Looks like this is somewhat fancy thing, so I doubt it’ll make to the core.

    I like the concept of this plugin though.

  7. I would like to use this in the WPTavern redesign to showcase new comments on a post they are viewing or on a forum thread. If they have the site loaded in a browser tab and it’s on a particular post or forum thread, it would be perfect to show them that there has been activity since the last time the browser tab was active.

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