1. Give the gift of a ticket and trip to WordCamp Miami 2014 on May 23-25th.

    Shameless plug is shameful.

  2. Gotta get myself a WP mug and t-shirt!

    Never knew about the Swag Store, thanks :)

  3. The mug would have been a very good gift for myself… if only it is not SOLD OUT! :(

  4. Mug sold out? Too bad! Buy the Plugin Dev Book instead! :)

  5. No mugs? Just ask a dev what their choice of celebratory drink is. I’m pretty sure some will say whiskey.

  6. Awesome list, I especially like the idea of helping someone with time….

    A membership to one of the many quality Theme Marketplaces may also be something your favourite designer would really appreciate – just make sure it’s one they do not have already.

  7. May well just treat myself a “powered by coffee” WordPress mug this Christmas… :)

  8. I tried to get the mug too :( Hopefully they’ll have more soon. I’d also highly recommend the WordPress Plugin Development book!

  9. mug is really cool..i want that..!!!

  10. Great list, didn’t realise they had a swag store.

  11. awesome mugs nad i love tshirt too…in between happy new year…!!

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